“My Mind’s Eye is a serious CD” - Tom Geddie, Buddy Magazine



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My Mind’s Eye

         Produced by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Engineered & Mixed by George Reiff at Finishing School Studio, Austin, TX.

Mastered by Gurf Morlix—Root Ball Studio, Austin, TX


Track List

1. Dave & Louene (The King & Queen of Melrose Drive) (3:40)

2. Black Dog Blues (4:22)

3. Before The Longest While (3:35)

4. The Engineer’s Song (3:44)

5. My Mind’s Eye (3:26)

6. Ought To Be Texas (2:42)

7. Strays of the Human Kind (4:57)

8. New Years Day (4:30)

9. Flycatcher Jack & The Whippoorwill Song (4:02)

10. Habit I Can’t Seem To Break (4:27)

11. Swimming For The Surface (4:03)



Photograph—Jennifer Sebby

Text Box: Check out David’s unreleased song “The Letters”  sung with Kelley Mickwee on Neil Young’s “Living With War Today” web site!  Thanks for all the clicks!!!
 Click HERE to Listen!!!  Search for “byboth” if you can’t find the song.



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